Umano—a non-profit organization

What is Umano?

A Mind Shift Project!

A blissful and humane world for all.

Inspiring humans to become aware of their impact and ultimate responsibility towards each other, animals, and the environment.

Humility, Inclusion, Empathy

Founder's Note

Why Umano?

Having spent over a decade within the leadership circle of some of the world’s largest charitable organizations in the area of education, mother-child health, social justice for minorities, transgender rights, mental health, interest free micro-lending especially for women socio-economic uplift as well as social programs to promote peace and friendship amongst neighboring countries with tradition of hate and animosity towards each other, I have come to the conclusion—unless we change the way we think of the “other”, charitable work is not a long term solution for our salvation.

Umano subscribes to the concept of Oneness—the philosophy that we are all in together. By all I mean, not just humans but also animals, plants, and the environment that makes up our planet we all share and call—our home.

Umano is a mind shift project that aims at building Mankind 2.0 manifesto through awareness events and programs to create a more blissful and humane world for everyone.

So let’s inspire and not just confront, let’s be humble about what we stand for and not judgmental towards the beliefs of those who do not agree with us. Let’s be empathetic towards the pain and suffering of billions and not stay comfortably numb with all our HAVEs, and last but not least let’s be more inclusive and not prejudiced.

Azhar Hameed

Founder Umano

We are all in it together!

Umano 2.0

Shift of mindset from Humanity 1.0 to 2.0

Umano believes in humanity first while respecting the freedom to practice one’s faith or belief without harming others, or to change it or not have one, according to one’s own conscience.


Recognize the responsibility towards other living beings we share the scarce resources with.


Earth is the only home we have. Let’s take care of it for ourselves and for the coming generations.

Umano in action

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Thank you for starting this mind shift project. We all need to stick together.

Dixie Padilla

Fantastic project. Am thrilled to be part of it.

Jerry Miller

Absolutely love the Umano initiative. This is exactly what we need today. Love and respect for all.

Johnny Keller
Umano — Change Through Empathy!
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