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Empathy Workshops

Empathy Workshops
Empathy Workshops

For yourself, family, classroom or workspace.

We are creating workshops to increase empathy within your family, classroom, and workspace. We are also creating a workshop you can engage in to build empathy within yourself. These workshops will enable individuals to function with an elevated emotional intelligence and develop highly effective teams and leaders. 

Authentically stepping into someone else’s shoes and comprehending their point of view enables us to communicate better. We believe that exercising empathy in our daily lives can not only make our lives more manageable, it can also positively impact the world in numerous ways as we begin to consider both our local and global communities in our decision-making. 

Our workshops have been (are being) developed in consultation with the following experts:

  • Neuroscientist
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist


We will launch our workshops in June 2020. Please visit again soon.


Umano — Change Through Empathy!
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