We Support Initiatives Globally that Foster Holistic Empathy

Holistic empathy recognizes that the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment are connected

800 M

Go To Bed

60 %

Facing Crisis of Hunger Were
Living in 10

1 in 5

Children Die
Due To Starvation

1 $

Can Buy A Meal For
Someone Hungry


Building Empathy

Billions of dollars have been poured into tackling issues like poverty, inequity, and climate change. Important progress has been made, yet we are still facing immeasurable suffering. Holistic empathy is essential to addressing complex global challenges.

Storytelling and purposeful training are the most effective methods of building empathy.

About the Organization

How Are We Different?

Umano is a registered charity in the USA. Umano means human in Latin. To be human is to demonstrate humane behavior, i.e., compassionate, sympathetic, empathic, or generous behavior or disposition.

One of the leading causes of suffering in this world is POVERTY. Poverty is not the root cause in itself but is a symptom of a lack of distribution of resources to all stakeholders of this planet.