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Empowering Changemakers Globally

UMANO - 501c3 Nonprofit champions long-term solutions over temporary fixes by spotlighting and directly supporting the unsung changemakers in social issues, animal justice, and environmental advocacy, among others



Umano envisions a world transformed by the power of stories, where the narratives of changemakers inspire individuals to be the architects of change. We believe in storytelling’s ability to shape actions and behaviors, fostering a global community united in creating lasting impact. Through empathy and inspiration, we aim to catalyze a movement towards a more equitable and sustainable future for living beings.

800 M

Go To Bed

60 %

Facing Crisis of Hunger Were
Living in 10

1 in 5

Children Die
Due To Starvation

1 $

Can Buy A Meal For
Someone Hungry

Advocating for Empathy

Poverty, social injustice, conflict, inequality, and discrimination are not the root causes themselves but manifestations of a deeper lack of empathy in resource distribution and social dynamics. Our mission is to address these underlying sources of human suffering, and we find inspiration in sharing stories of change-makers who champion empathy and positive transformation.

About the Organization


Umano delves deeper, addressing the root causes of suffering rather than just its symptoms.

➤  Purposeful Storytelling:  We harness stories to bridge understanding between the Haves and Have-nots.

➤  Inspiring Youth: We craft tales that inform and motivate the next generation.

➤  Beyond Just Stories: We call for tangible change. Pledge, initiate, or support – with Umano, stories spur action.

With Umano, stories are the start of societal transformation.