Stories inspire us to be more empathic and generous. They help us connect with others and understand new perspectives. Storytelling can build bridges between communities, as they can help positively alter our attitudes and opinions.

Food Van

When hungry people see food, no instructions on social-distancing or making queues work on them. The fear of going hungry simply takes over their primal brain. As soon as our van stopped, we were surrounded by hundreds of kids. Within 8 minutes, we had given 350 meals.

The Story of Kaavan

Kahani Meri is a song based on the true story of Kaavan. It is our first in-house endeavor to highlight the story of animal exploitation, primarily focusing on the plight of millions of animals worldwide in captivity.


A film by Pencil Design Studio is about the protection of the wildlife, resulting in which wild species are deprived of there natural habitat.They might be happy from the outside, in an artificial environment, but emotionally they will always belong to the natural habitat. 


Joaquin Phoenix is reunited at Farm Sanctuary with the calf and her mother, whom he helped liberate from a Los Angeles slaughterhouse. Directed by Earthlings Director Shaun Monson and funded by Umano.

Be a Changemaker

Umano is harnessing the power of compassion by encouraging Holistic Empathy – taking humans, animals, and the environment into consideration. Be a changemaker, and join our #ActsOfEmpathy campaign.

The Glassworker​

Set in a location loosely inspired by Pakistan, the Glassworker’ is a hand-drawn animated feature film directed by Usman Riaz and created by Mano Animation Studios. Produced by UMANO Films, it is the first hand-drawn animated feature from Pakistan.