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Umano is a registered charity in the USA. Umano means human in Latin. To be human is to demonstrate humane behavior, i.e., compassionate, sympathetic, empathic, or generous behavior or disposition.

One of the leading causes of suffering in this world is POVERTY. Poverty is not the root cause in itself but is a symptom of a lack of distribution of resources to all stakeholders of this planet.

Hoarding, i.e., keeping generational wealth within the hands of a few, takes away from others who can better their lives.  By sharing resources with others, opportunities open up to others who can access higher quality education, start a business, and use it to invest in skills that make them valuable members of any society and ultimately better their lives.

Joining UMANO is more than a one-time event. It means becoming part of an energized community of some of the world’s most engaged philanthropists to discuss challenges, successes, and failures and to share ideas to get more thoughtful about giving. A shared commitment to learning and giving unites signatories.

Azhar Hameed
Founder & Volunteer President


An empathic and compassionate
world for all.


We support initiatives that foster Holistic Empathy for humans, animals and the environment.


An empathic and compassionate world for all