General Inquiries and

Frequently Asked Questions

Umano is a registered charity in the USA, dedicated to promoting humane behaviors such as compassion, empathy, and generosity.

Umano views poverty as a significant cause of suffering stemming from unequal resource distribution. We believe in addressing this by sharing resources to create more equitable opportunities.

Joining Umano means becoming part of a community focused on change, where members discuss challenges and successes and share ideas for positive global impact.


Umano envisions a world where stories transcend borders, fostering universal empathy and inspiring collective action for a better future.

Our mission is to empower changemakers to share global stories that inspire empathy and support, leading to meaningful change.

Umano provides funding to individuals and organizations worldwide that work towards building empathy for humans, animals, and the environment.

Umano offers two types of funding: financial grants for nonprofit initiatives and support for individuals, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses.

Storytelling is crucial for Umano as it fosters empathy, connects communities, and positively changes attitudes and opinions.

Umano supports individuals actively contributing to societal transformation, often showing creativity, empathy, resilience, and social responsibility.

This initiative focuses on nurturing vocal talent globally, offering resources, mentorship, and community support to uplift and empower artists.


Applicants should thoroughly review and tailor their applications to meet the specific guidelines and criteria of the grant opportunity.