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Hamid Mahmood is an NHK-certified communication engineer and an entrepreneur with diversified management experience of more than three decades. As an entrepreneur, Linguistic consulting, Research & Outsourcing to cater to business solutions are his professional endeavors. Script visualizing, Copywriting, content development, linguistic rhetoric, and face-lifting of the prose and poetic content are on his menu. The art of thinking to tame the instinctive human self is the domain of his prime focus.

He aims to promote balance and harmony in the prevailing society while anticipating its impact on the global community. Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian, and Punjabi languages hold his special attention in prose and poetry. He is of the slogan that all human souls are intellectually duty-bound to explore the hidden PORTALS of Metaphysical Realities. Particle physics and astrophysics are just the primary stairs. To witness excellence, one must place a dedicated effort with all the humble gestures of learning.